Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A Blast From My Past: Labor Markets as Complex Networks

An HKS colleague and friend of mine has put up a couple of posts about one of the most interesting projects I worked on while at the Kennedy School.

I'll let Jorge explain:
I am attempting, with classmates Grant Lovellette and Guillaume Liegey, to characterize labor markets as complex networks where nodes are different occupations and links are the sets of skills and characteristics required to be employed in each of them. The idea is a parallel to the work of Hausmann, Hidalgo and Klinger in developing the "Product Space", where they develop a "bipartite network in which countries are connected to the products they export". In this case, we are building a bipartite network that connects workers or categories of workers to the occupations they are employed in.
Read more about it on Jorge's Blog:

Labor Markets as Complex Networks - Part 1

Labor Markets as Complex Networks - Part 2

For those who really want to dive into the weeds about this topic, here's the presentation with all of our results (props for the PowerPoint go mainly to Guillaume, who did most of the layout):

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