Thursday, January 13, 2011

Shhh, Don't Tell Congress: Americans Are Actually a Bunch of Socialists

I oftentimes do not comprehend American politicians - and the American population even less so.

For example, Obama suffered, in his own words, a "shellacking" at the hands of the Republicans in the 2010 elections. Republicans promptly interpreted this as a mandate to undo everything Obama has done in his first two years in office.

However, when you ask the American people what they actually want the government to do, their answers are downright socialist. According to a national poll conducted by 60 Minutes and Vanity Fair, when asked, "to balance the federal budget, which of the following would be the first step you would take," here were Americans' responses, by income level:

TOTAL >$50K $50K–$100K >$100K
Increase taxes on

the wealthy
61% 67% 58% 46%
Cut defense spending 20 20 22 20
Cut Medicare 4 2 5 10
Cut Social Security 3 1 5 6

What I was most surprised by was that even among the relatively well off, in the >$100K category, only a paltry 16% would cut Medicare or Social Security before cutting defense spending or increasing their own taxes.

I rather doubt the new Congress will listen to the will of the people on this issue, however.

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