Wednesday, January 26, 2011

There Were Times My Wife Might Have Agreed to This - A Flash Mob Wedding

Even if you are marrying a saint, there will be periods of stress during both planning and execution, if you're planning a wedding. My wife and I had a beautiful wedding and a fantastic party afterwards, and there's very little we would have changed - but a good amount of planning and preparation went into pulling the whole thing off. But, our reward was grand - we had a beautiful ceremony coupled with a generally stress-free day of fun and celebration.

At times during the planning process, however, my wife wanted to elope, so we could be rid of the planning and other nonsense that goes along with a wedding. I might have agreed to this, a flash-mob wedding:
The choreographed dancing and singing of their 70 guests did catch mall shoppers off guard. Guests, who had rehearsed that morning, started dancing in unison and singing “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” as perplexed shoppers walked by. Kleiman played the keyboard before walking down a make-shift aisle. His bride walked down the aisle carrying a simple white bouquet. Kleiman said they weaved his musical past as a pianist, and her past as a dancer into the ceremony.
And here's the entirety of their 6-minute long flash-mob ceremony:

Fun stuff - though I think my parents would have been a bit disappointed ....

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