Monday, February 14, 2011

More Stupidity in the U.S. Political Discourse: "Conservative Media Look At Hosni Mubarak And See Barack Obama"

One of the things that I have found out about myself in writing this blog is that I absolutely cannot tolerate the stupidity that passes for political discourse in this country. I wrote a really long post about it after the Tucson shooting, and stupidity in the U.S. political discourse continues to irk me on a daily basis. Come on, people, we're smarter than this, aren't we? Please tell me we are ....

BECK: Did anybody notice the remarkable statements from the president last week where the president was saying, look, as long as people are peacefully assembling, they have a right to speak and the government should listen to them. All of -- when he's saying that, all I can think of was the speech where he's walking around going, "And they're carrying tea bags," and mocking the American people. And then, while they're pushing for an Internet kill switch for the president, that does not have judicial review -- in fact, it specifically says courts cannot review the decision. While they're pushing for that in our own Congress on Friday, he's telling Mubarak, anybody who tries to control the Internet and television and radio, that's a sign of a dictator. Come on.
LIMBAUGH: How long have Democrats been in charge of Egypt? Well, you'd have to say that Mubarak's closer to being a Democrat than one of us. Sixty years, the Democrat Party has run Egypt -- 60 years. Oh, it's a little precursor of what we're headed to.
COULTER: I won't ... pretend I've been an expert on Egypt all this time ... Sure, of course, changes should have been made. It wasn't a fabulous regime. It was brutally unfair and a dead-end society -- the same sort of society Obama wants to create here.
No, my dear conservatives, you're just wrong, and you're just adding more stupidity to the U.S. political discourse. Unlike Mubarak, Obama was elected through open, democratic processes in a free and fair election. He has never unleashed the police to crack down violently on, imprison, and/or kill his political opponents. In 2013 or 2017, after he is either defeated in an election or finishes his second term in office, he will peacefully relinquish power to his successor without hundreds of thousands of people having to protest in the streets to force him to step down.

So, repeat after me - Obama ≠ Mubarak.

OK, I'm glad we've got that cleared up. Now let's all stop saying stupid things.

Note: Even though I personally think that the political right are responsible for a greater share of the stupidity in U.S. political discourse, I certainly would not say that the political left is stupid free.

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