Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Transportation Secretary's Endorsement Fails to Secure Miss America Win for Miss South Dakota

For some reason, I found it hilariously bizarre that the U.S. Secretary of Transportation would endorse a Miss America contestant, but Ray LaHood indeed did just that:
As I wrote last week, Loren Vaillancourt has been working hard as Miss South Dakota to educate young people about the dangers of distracted driving. This week, Loren faces her next big challenge: the Miss America pageant in Las Vegas.
This year's Miss America pageant features an America's Choice category where the public--that's you and me--can watch contestant videos. I'm embedding Loren's video below so you can see that she has built her entire video message around the campaign to end distracted driving. Whatever happens with the pageant, that makes her a winner in my book.
 Secretary LaHood helpfully included the following photo:

And video:

Aside from the bizarreness of this endorsement, Miss South Dakota does have a wise message - don't do stupid things like texting while driving.

For some reason, LaHood's endorsement was not enough to secure the victory for Miss SD - oh well, better luck next year, LaHood!

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