Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Understatement of the Day Goes to Donald Rumsfeld - Congrats!

A jaw-dropping sentence from his new memoir:
In retrospect, there may have been times when more troops could have helped.
Ya think?

Another choice quote:
[Bush] did not always receive, and may not have insisted on, a timely consideration of his options before he made a decision, nor did he always receive effective implementation of the decisions he made.
Well, I don't really think anyone pegged Bush as a deep thinker - he always was more of a shoot-from-the-hip kind of guy.

And finally:
Looking back, I see there are things the administration could have done differently and better with respect to wartime detention.
It's a shame I don't have a Captain Obvious award lying around to bestow on Rumsfeld, and I don't have Photoshop to put Rumsfeld's head on top of a Captain Obvious cartoon:

So, I'll just have to setting for this great picture of Rumsfeld with Spiderman and Captain America:


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