Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Learn How to Be a Good Spouse with These 1930s Marriage Score Sheets

Here are the charts in full, from Thought Catalog. Go through them and see how you would rate as a 1930s spouse:

On the one hand, these charts (especially the wife's chart) are rather creepy - several of the wife's criteria revolve around her physical appearance, and it's expected that the wife should do all of the cooking and cleaning.

On the bright side, these charts show that, at least in some sectors of society, we have come quite a long way down the path of equal rights for women. We're certainly not there yet, but we're a lot closer to the goal now than we were in the 1930s. Now if only we could do things like, oh, enshrine equal rights for women in the Constitution or guarantee equal pay to women for equal work.

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