Sunday, March 6, 2011

Why Save PBS? - The Infographic Version

I love PBS - like most of my generation, I grew up watching Sesame Street and Reading Rainbow, and I want that kind of programming to be available for many generations to come. So, here are a lot of good reasons to save PBS, from Daily Infographic:

So, do your part - together, we can help save PBS.


  1. When one looks at these statistics, how can anyone say that PBS, or for that matter, NPR, be a waste of taxpayers' money? The returns, both in viewership, private support, increase in educational knowledge, etc, etc--all point to the fact that PBS (and NPR) contribute greatly to the public benefit at little taxpayer cost. And, PBS and NPR have the least editorial bias that I know of in the material that is reported.

  2. I concur completely - let's fight so that PBS and NPR aren't sacrificed on the altar of tax cuts to the rich and maintaining a bloated military-industrial-complex.