Saturday, April 2, 2011

Earth Is Worth About $5 Thousand Trillion, Give or Take

Earth - a super-valuable planet.
Astrophysicist Greg Laughlin apparently came up with an algorithim to calculate the value of the universe's planets - some of the variables taken into account are the planet's age, size, temperature, mass - and according to his valuation, Earth came out as the most valuable planet, with a worth of approximately $5 thousand trillion, or about 345 times more valuable than the U.S.'s annual GDP.

Mars - no so valuable, perhaps because it's named after the god of war?
Mars, Earth's closest neighbor, is only worth about $16,000 (anyone want to go in together on owning Mars? Shoot me an email.).

Venus - almost worthless. I call dibs.
Venus, on the other hand, is worth less than a penny (dibs on buying Venus - just let me know where I should send my less than a penny, and I'll be happy to take possession of Venus, once I or my heirs figure out how).

Personally, I think this exercise is more than a little silly, since Earth's total value to the total human race at present should be infinite (as without Earth, we'd be extinct). However, it's a useful reminder that this little mud ball planet, floating around in a vast expanse of nothingness in an insignificant corner of the universe, is all we have - and that we should probably treat it with more love and care than we currently do.

Thanks to Wikipedia for the pictures.

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