Saturday, April 9, 2011

Georgia Congressman (R) Doesn't Flinch When Asked, "Who's Going to Shoot Obama?"

As reported by Talking Points Memo:
Hi there. I'm the spineless Paul Broun, Republican from GA. 
An audience member at a town hall hosted by Rep. Paul Broun (R-GA) on Tuesday asked the Tea Party congressman who was going to shoot President Barack Obama.
The unidentified town hall attendee's question got a big laugh from the audience, reports Blake Aued of the Athens Banner-Herald.
But Broun didn't exactly condemn the remark, according to the newspaper report.
"The thing is, I know there's a lot of frustration with this president. We're going to have an election next year," Broun said in response to the question. "Hopefully, we'll elect somebody that's going to be a conservative, limited-government president that will take a smaller, who will sign a bill to repeal and replace Obamacare."
Hmmm, perhaps Broun doesn't know that merely making a threat against a federal official, whether that official is the President, Rep. Broun, or me, for that matter - even without the intent to follow through - is a federal crime.

Nevertheless, it's rather horrifying that Broun did not confront the guy who made the "joke" (ha ha, super funny, yeah, killing the President, right ...), but rather enabled the criminal's actions.

I guess it's too much to expect our Congressmen and -women to be people of courage, conviction, and backbone. Instead of pandering to his constituents' basest instincts, Broun could have said something like:
Shame on you, sir, for making a joke about the assassination of the President, and shame on you all for laughing about it. It makes my skin crawl to know that some of my constituents think it would be a good thing for someone to shoot the President. It makes me want to ring up the cops so they can check to see whether you, sir, are a dolt or deranged or if, perhaps, you have something more ambitious in mind than squeezing off an assassination joke like a fart in a bar. Shame on you.
But, no, he didn't. Hey, Secret Service, can we open an investigation into Broun being an accessory to a federal crime?

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