Monday, April 11, 2011

Where You Should Live: An Interactive Infographic of Taxes by State

Intuit (creators of TurboTax and current owner of the excellent have put together a very cool interactive infographic that lets you explore various state taxes that can eat up a significant part of your paycheck.

Who pays the lowest gas tax? (Spoiler: Alaska.)

What's the alcohol tax in your state compared with the states around you? I just learned that D.C.'s tax on alcohol is FAR lower than Virginia's, or the national average, for that matter. Good to know - I'll definitely only buy my booze in DC or Maryland from now on.

Unfortunately, it seems that the states with the lowest overall tax burdens are, for the most part, states I'd never consider living in. On the bright side, the states with the highest tax burden (for the most part, the states I'd be most likely to live in) also have the highest median household incomes, except for New Hampshire, which seems to be a bit of an outlier in this respect.

Anyway, here's the full, clickable infographic, for your perusal:

If you're having trouble seeing it, here's the link to the original site.

Via Daily Infographic - thanks!

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