Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Mapping Stereotypes: Tragicomic Maps of Europe and the World

If you know Europe well, you'll appreciate the tragic truth of the below maps. If you don't ... I don't know what to tell you - get out more? There are also some non-Eurocentric maps (mainly USA-centric maps) at the bottom of the post!

Anyway, enjoy these maps, from alphadesigner (click on images for huge size versions):

Europe According to the USA

Europe According to France

Europe According to Germany

Europe According to (Northern) Italy

Europe According to Bulgaria

Europe According to Britain

Europe According to AlphaDesigner
I had to include this one, since the "Union of Subsidized Farmers" bit made me laugh out loud.

Europe According to Gay Men

Europe According to the Vatican

Europe According to Switzerland

And some bonus, non-European Maps:

The World According to the USA

The World According to the USA, Paranoid Edition

World Dictatorships According to the USA
This map illustrates the problems the U.S. has in the Middle East right now - sure, the U.S. is all for democracy everywhere, but many of those dictators being deposed were good allies of the U.S.

South America According to the USA

Africa According to the USA

Asia According to the USA

I hope you enjoyed the above maps, and I hope you learned something about the stereotypes that color the way you view the world, so you can work to make your vision a little clearer.


  1. Something tells me you have never met an individual from the UK and need to get out more.

    1. Anonymous: Well, I'll point out a few things:

      1. I didn't make these maps, as should be quite obvious.
      2. I've lived in three separate European countries across several years, so I'm more familiar with different European cultures than many Europeans.
      3. The maps are meant to be funny, tongue-in-cheek, and perhaps teach you something about the way you see the world.

      Aren't Brits supposed to have a wry sense of humor and well-developed sense of irony? Where's yours, my friend? ;)

      -The Angry Bureaucrat

  2. It would be nice (and better) if you could add some maps about how Russia, China, Iran, India and other countries see the world.