Sunday, May 15, 2011

A Visual Guide to Crazy U.S. Healthcare Costs (v. Rest of World)

Or, why do my stitches cost $1,500?

From Medical Billing and Coding:

Why Your Stitches Cost $1,500 - Part One
Via: Medical Billing And Coding


  1. What an interesting read! In Hungary, I bought a prescribed steroid cream, that in the US, would have cost $30-$50 (at least) for $4 here. Outrageous! And Americans will defend to their dying day the right to choose their own doctor (which is semi-determined by a person's own personal insurance), and the insurance plan determines which medicines they approve--never the best or the med with with least side effects--because those are newer and cost more . . .and most Americans don't really care about those who don't have insurance or are dependent on welfare. Doesn't matter if Canada has lower costs *and* a federally run health care system--American's will not stand for that! I wish more people could read this article.

  2. Indeed, the way health care is provided in this country is inefficient and irrational ... I'll have more to say on this soon!