Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Anatomy of a Blog Spammer's Search Query

Just out of curiosity, I occasionally look at the search terms that bring traffic to my blogs. Most of the time, it's relatively predictable fare, though sometimes the searches that bring people here are downright weird (my new favorite weird query: "sluts eating pork" - Google points people searching for "sluts eating pork" to this blog post. Who would have thought ....)

But, I noticed a new kind of search query - this time, by people looking to spam my blog post comments. For example, note the below query:

"emails" "powered by blogger" "post a comment" -inurl:blogs

So, yes, that's a search query by someone looking to spam blog posts having to do with emails - probably with comments promoting an email archive solution, according to the comments caught by my comment spam filter (which, I must say, does a pretty good job of catch spam comments without me having to worry about it).

I'm not sure whether to be dismayed by this development, or encouraged by it as a sign that my blog's Google stature is growing, or both. My apologies if you see spam comments occasionally - I try to remove them quickly if they make it through the spam filter, but nobody's perfect. Also, if you post something and it doesn't appear, there's a small chance it's been caught by the spam filter - reword your comment and repost, or I'll post it in a few days when I check my spam filter.

Anyway - happy Internetting out there, people, and stay safe online!

P.S. I just got back from a wedding, so it might take me a few days to get up and running at full speed again.


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