Thursday, September 29, 2011

How To (Or Not To) Spice Up You Resume, in One Beautiful Chart

For all of you poor, unemployed souls (or less poor souls looking to change jobs), we have a chart bursting with advice on how to improve your resume, via Daily Infographic:

I actually disagree with some of the advice given in this graphic - the advice is obviously tailored to a specific kind of resume, and some of the advice posted above is definitely not applicable to all jobs. For example, you'd better not embed your photo in a resume that you send me, and your cover letter had best tell the story, supported by your resume - you'd be in serious trouble with me if you tried to tell a story using your resume as your primary vehicle.

Also, no matter how you structure your resume, I'd better be able to learn everything I want to know about you in 10-15 seconds - that's how much time you have to make an impression on me, since I've got at least 100 other resumes to plow through. So, video resumes are right out, at least for me - what jobs might want a video resume, other than some kind of acting gig?


  1. My company has a natural-language-processing program that pulls the essential facts out of the resumes we receive. I never see the original.

  2. Anonymous,

    Good point - I've not yet worked somewhere that uses that kind of software (at least not at a level that I see it), but I suspect software like that will be ubiquitous in a few more years. Some of the things suggested in this infographic might lower the score of a resume as determined by a software screener.

    -The Angry Bureaucrat