Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Vladimir Putin, the Action Figure - Ridiculous, or a Model for the President?

The Atlantic has posted a spread of awesome-in-a-ridiculous-way photos of the manly Vladimir Putin, doing manly things. Some of my favorites:

Who's your daddy? Er ... your Prime Minister, that is?

No spare tire here. Rawr!

"This frying pan is refusing to bend to my will and my manly hands. Make sure it disappears after we leave."

Isn't this a scene from Rambo III?

If you Google pictures of American politicians, I'm guessing you'll rarely find pictures like these. I wonder - would pictures like this help or hurt Obama, or the Republicans running for President, for that matter? The Russians, by and large, seem to eat this stuff up, and I'm sure that segments of the US population would love this kind of thing from our politicians as well. But, I'm not sure it would have broad appeal - on the other hand, who knows, maybe it would.

Jet skiing photo op, anyone?


  1. Up here in Canada, our PM is pretty much a meek, do-the-job sort of guy. Instead of being caught in a sex scandal, his wife was caught cheating on him.

    On the other hand, our former figurehead-of-state did eat the raw heart of a freshly killed seal:

  2. Awww, poor guy, that sucks for him.

    Hmmm, competitive eating, especially of raw meat - now that sounds like something the American public might be able to support (or like something that might earn their support)!

    -The Angry Bureaucrat

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