Wednesday, September 21, 2011

What the Average American Eats in A Year, in One Chart

The title of the post says it all. Here's the chart, via Daily Infographic:

Click here for huge version.

Honestly, I'm surprised that the average American eats such a relatively healthy diet - obviously, it could be better, but I'm surprised that fruits and vegetables make up a pretty decent share (not half or more, as recommended, but not a tiny fraction either). We consume a lot of milk products, apparently - probably too much.

But, some of the chart is truly horrifying - 42 pounds of corn syrup a year? 53 GALLONS of soda? Now that's just gross.


  1. Two-plus pounds of red meat a week? Eight quarter pounder hamburgers? Ouch. I do know people who probably eat two plus pounds of pizza a week. And 190 lbs for the average male? Why do we bother with gym memberships?

  2. I agree with the blogger. Expecting some smoking gun type facts on the base nature of our eating, I was surprised the average American eats so many vegetables. Furthermore, I expected a higher percentage of the veggies to be corn. I mean, weren't we all horrified to touch corn after Food Inc?

    That being said, I was still grossed out. Any food in such mass is disgusting as it begins to resemble Dante's Inferno at some point. Except for ice cream, all of that non-cheese, mucous-inducing dairy makes me want to fast.

  3. Little Shoe,

    Well, there are two big shortcomings of this chart, and one of them tempers my (positive) surprise at the vegetable consumption of the average American - namely, that the chart doesn't separate out potatoes (and other starchy vegetables) from the rest.

    The chart says that 29 lbs of the 415 lbs of vegetables are french fries, and probably 1.5-2x that amount are non-french fry potatoes, and then other starchy vegetables on top of that.

    The other big shortcoming is that it doesn't include alcohol consumption.

    And yes, the more I think about it, the more I'm horrified by the milk consumption - that's 1.64 POUNDS of non-cheese dairy products PER DAY! Nuts!

    -The Angry Bureaucrat

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