Friday, October 14, 2011

DCers (and Other City Dwellers) Waste Epic Amounts of Time and Money in Traffic

This is the first of a two-post miniseries on the costs of commuting.

First, I want to share an infographic about the amount of time people in the most congested areas of the US waste sitting in traffic congestion each year, with a brief discussion of how much this costs the average person (though the infographic fails to mention that "sitting in traffic triggers more heart attacks than eating, alcohol, cocaine, and sex."). Anyway, here's the infographic:

Traffic Jams


However, this infographic mainly looks at the cost of traffic jams in isolation - it doesn't look at the overall cost of commuting. In my next post, I'll look at just how much living in the suburbs / away from your job costs you (at least on average, in DC) - your mind will be blown!

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