Sunday, October 30, 2011

World War II, Documented in 800+ Amazing Photos

Entering their fourth year of war against Japan, Chinese military forces were strengthening their air force, producing their own armaments, and training their officers in the methods of modern war. Here, Chinese cadets in full battle dress, they favor the German type of steel helmet, on parade somewhere in China, on July 11, 1940. (AP Photo). Source: The Atlantic.

Every week for the past twenty weeks, the Atlantic has been posting a new set of photos that shed light on World War II.

Even as someone who's studied World War II relatively in-depth (mainly by virtue of being a German major in undergrad and spending my junior year abroad in Germany), I had not seen many of the photos in the Atlantic's extremely impressive retrospective.

If you haven't been following this collection as the Atlantic has been putting them out, grab yourself a tea or coffee and head over to check out this amazing collection of photography - it will be an afternoon very well spent, if somewhat emotionally challenging.


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