Friday, November 4, 2011

The Economics of Coffee (or Why You Should Buy an Espresso Machine), Visualized

I love coffee. I'll admit it - I'm an addict. I have an espresso drink at least every morning, and often in the afternoon.

The infographic below gives us 17 interesting tidbits about coffee - interesting facts such as 1) coffee is the second most heavily traded commodity after oil, 2) coffee addiction was considered a social vice in the 1700s, and 3) coffee is more popular than cola!

But what I found most interesting was the economics of espresso machines that they highlight at the bottom of this post. The only reason that I'm able to have an espresso drink every morning (and many afternoons) is because I own my own espresso machine - and it's one of the best kitchen purchases my wife and I have ever made. Specifically, we have a De'Longhi EC155 - a great espresso machine, especially considering how little it costs. It's currently on sale on Amazon for $60 (which is also what we paid for it). Since we make 3 drinks per day on average (which we'll value at $3 per drink), this machine paid for itself in ONE WEEK - and we can now make espresso drinks in the comfort of our own home.

Seriously, if you like coffee, you should buy an inexpensive espresso machine like this - it will change your life. Of course, you still have to pay for things like coffee (we like this stuff ourselves, but it's been super-expensive as of late, so we've switched to this stuff, which is almost just as good) - but it is so worth it. With a little practice, I now make espresso drinks as good or better than can be found in 98% of coffee shops, and we're saving $3000+ a year in designer coffee costs (granted, if we didn't have an espresso machine, we wouldn't buy 3 coffees every day, but still - you get the idea).

Anyway, here's the infographic that made me want to preach the virtues of owning your own espresso machine:

Via Daily Infographic.

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