Thursday, November 17, 2011

An Epic Oil Infographic - All You Ever Wanted To Know About Black Gold

My apologies for the unintentional blogging break - I took a holiday weekend for Veterans' Day, and then real life got in the way of posting this week. I hope to be able to resume my regularly scheduled posting next week.

In the meantime, here's an epic oil infographic I came across - it's got a ton of interesting facts about oil (such as: Canada has huge oil reserves; we've probably reached peak oil; and this isn't the first energy crisis humanity has faced). It is definitely one of the better infographics out there. Enjoy:

Via Daily Infographic.


  1. -- Transportation costs in terms of energy. It really doesn't make much sense to ship an "organic" salad across the country does it? When gas hits $5 a gallon I suspect we won't. I think "locally grown" will grow.

    Don Brown

  2. Could solve the problem of all the jobs going to China, too.

  3. Don and Joe,

    I agree - intuitively, it doesn't make sense to ship food across the country. But, I ran across this article the other day and was thinking about blogging about it, since it has interesting implications for people like me who like to eat local:

    I'm still working out what it might mean ...

    -The Angry Bureaucrat


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