Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The United States of Road Fatalities - It Sucks to Be a Pedestrian in D.C.

We all know that I love maps (I even own this book of strange maps), especially maps that present information in a new and interesting way. Therefore, I am a big fan of this map, just released by ITO World, which maps ALL U.S. traffic fatalities by fatality type from 2001-2009:

Via The Guardian.

I have it centered on D.C. (though you can move the map around to look anywhere in the U.S., or zoom out to see the whole U.S.), where it seems to really suck to be a pedestrian.

WARNING: Look both ways before crossing the road, people, because drivers in their cars WILL mow you down. It looks to be far less dangerous to be a cyclist in D.C., though we can't be sure from this map - we'd need to look at the number of fatalities per pedestrian and per cyclist in order to compare properly.

Not surprisingly, outside of major (walkable) cities, most deaths are those of vehicle occupants, though I was surprised at the number of pedestrians killed along I-40 - what are these people doing, walking along the interstate?


  1. Perhaps the pedestrian totals include people who were run down while outside their disabled vehicle on the interstate shoulder. This happens quite a bit. I remember in Oklahoma it happened several times to highway patrol officers, so they passed a law where you have to move left or slow down when you drive by someone getting a ticket


  2. Andrew,

    Good point - I didn't delve into the data enough to see whether something like that would count as a pedestrian or vehicular death. But, given how people speed on I-40, that's a good theory to account for all those "pedestrian" deaths .... I've only been hanging out on the side of the interstate because of car trouble once, and it was a bit of a terrifying experience - I'm glad it's not a requirement for my job.

    -The Angry Bureaucrat