Saturday, December 17, 2011

Making Kids Cry for Our Amusement By Giving Them Intentionally Crappy Gifts

A short Saturday post in the (sort of) spirit of the season!

Not long ago, Jimmy Kimmel issued a challenge to his viewers (well, those of them who are also parents): give your kid an intentionally crappy early Christmas present and film the fallout. Here's the video:

So, some of the reactions are funny, but many of them are just horrifying and depressing - yet more evidence of the rise and triumph of a consumer culture that measures everything and everyone by their material possessions and wealth.

I'm not sure that giving kids intentionally crappy gifts and then filming them for our amusement is a positive development; if anything, this kind of thing might scar these kids for life and turn them into the crazed Black Friday rioters I blogged about not too long ago.

Though somewhat entertaining (and simultaneously horrifying), Kimmel's video just reminds me of what a bad job we (the collective we) are doing to teach our children the true meaning of the season of celebration of Thanksgiving through Christmahanakwanza. Remember - it's not really about the presents!

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