Monday, July 16, 2012

Skin Facts, Visualized, Or, Why to Stay Out of the Sun

Summer is seriously on my mind - we're going through another heat wave here in DC, less than two weeks after the last heat wave that set records and saw the "feels like" temperature soar close to 120 degrees Fahrenheit (that's 49 degrees Celsius, for you non-imperial units users out there). This one shouldn't be quite as bad, topping out with a "feels like" of 103 or so, but still - it's way too hot for me.

So, naturally, this infographic caught my eye - I did not know that up to 90% of the visible signs of aging are caused by sun damage. You know that nice summer tan people try so hard to get and maintain? Yeah, that's a sign of sun damage. (I'm reminded of a previous post of mine on irrational decision making with the example that people would rather get cancer than be pale. Not me - I'd much rather be pale than get cancer. Cancer sucks WAAAAY more than being pale.)

Hmmm ... I've definitely had more than 5 sunburns, so I've more than doubled my risk for skin cancer. But, nowadays I know the limitations of my skin and simply don't do things that involve even moderate amounts of sun exposure, unless I'm willing to slather myself in sunscreen. Sigh - I am such a pale, pale man, but there's not much I can do about that. Anyway, on with the show:

Via Daily Infographic.

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