Friday, August 31, 2012

Fact Checkers Can't Keep Up With All the Lies Spewing From the Republican Convention

Welcome to the fact-free election.

I really mean for this blog to focus on higher-level topics, like economics, statistics, world affairs, and other matters that are more interesting than the day-to-day mud- and slug-fest that is domestic politics.

However, as you may have noticed, I just can't abide by the utter amount of untruth spewing forth from the modern-day Republican Party. It's not just spin or healthy, vigorous defense and promotion of their ideas - they're just making crap up to justify their own worldview and to reinforce their own (wrong) preconceptions about the U.S. in general and President Obama in particular.

And good God, has it ever been bad this week, thanks to the Republican Convention. I'm told that Bill O'Reilly occasionally has a segment called the "Spin-Free Zone" - well, the 2012 Republican Convention has been the fact-free zone.

How bad is it? All three of the biggest fact-checking websites:
have huge lists of statements made at the Republican convention, almost all of which garner ratings of "mostly false" to a "pants on fire" lie, though a few of them do manage to scrape by with a "half true," and one or two even manage a "true" - but most are patently or mostly false. (Note: if this post is a bit old by the time you read it, you'll have to scroll back/search the fact checking sites to find the posts about the Republican convention.)

A ton of journalists and websites in addition to the above have documented individual lies told by pretty much everyone who has spoken at the Republican Convention thus far - I'll just leave this bunch of links right here.

And Paul Ryan, the Republican VP nominee, was as bad (if not worse) than all the rest of them - even Fox News called his speech, "Dazzling, Deceiving, and Distracting," but they couldn't quite bring themselves to call his speech was it was: a steaming pile of crap that is so blatantly untrue that it should end his political career.

The extent to which the Republican Party has decided to divorce itself from the truth is breathtaking - and I'm sure we can only expect more of the same from the Republican's liar-in-chief, Mitt Romney. A great example is Romney's anti-Obama welfare ad - which both Republican governors and Newt Gingrich have admitted is patently false - but the Romney campaign says that it doesn't care that the add is false; all they care about is that it's effective. To quote a Romney operative: "We’re not going to let our campaign be dictated by fact checkers."

In other words, the Romney campaign isn't going to let itself by dictated by facts.

I simply don't understand how anyone can trust a party that lies so transparently and so often about so many things.

I'm curious to see how this strategy will work for Romney in the Presidential debates, when Romney has to look Obama in the eye and lie to his face, and Obama has the chance to call him out on his lies. I suspect the idiotic American media will report it as another "he-said, he-said" moment, instead of saying how it really is - that Obama tells the truth, and Romney lies.


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