Friday, September 28, 2012

VPNs on the Rise, Visualized, Or How To Protect Your Privacy Online

The free and open Internet is under threat. Companies, ISPs, and governments are all posing threats to net neutrality and internet privacy in various ways.

Fighting to keep your rights on the internet isn't easy, but fortunately, there are several tools to help. One extremely useful tool that I only recent started using is a consumer virtual private network, which protects me from any prying eyes at various companies, my own ISP, government entities, etc. It also lets me have a US IP address while traveling, which can be very handy.

My personal recommendation is AirVPN (note: I get no kickback for promoting AirVPN), but there are a number of good VPNs out there that can help keep you safe on the Internet - and even some free ones, if you really look around, though for the best service and speed, a good VPN does cost a little money. To learn more, check out this infographic, which outlines the basics of consumer VPN service:

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