Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Not Surprisingly, the Richest Are the Biggest Moochers Off the Government

I remember with great joy the day when we got to meet the real Mitt Romney - you know, the dude who really, really hates poor people and thinks that 47% of the country are worthless government moochers.

Well, the non-partisan CBO crunched a bunch of numbers recently (.pdf warning), and wouldn't you know - the biggest government moochers, sucking at the teat of big government, are actually the richest Americans, not the poorest ones. In fact, the richest Americans enjoy about five times as much government largess as the poorest Americans (charts from the Wonkblog):

"But wait," I can hear the right-wingers saying, "the richest pay more in taxes, so it's only right they they get more government moocher cash in the form of tax expenditures!"

Well, I don't agree with that premise, but even IF one were to agree with that statement, it is utterly indefensible that the richest Americans also get more government moocher cash as a percentage of their income than even then poorest Americans - that is just super wrong:

Ah, America - land of the oligarchs, and screw everybody else, at least since the 1970s.

[Personal note: I'm about to take off on my annual, male-bonding, Canadian fishing trip with my dad and younger brother, so there will likely be no more posting for a least a couple weeks - though thanks to the Babycrat, I've been having trouble posting even every other week anyway. Oh well - one of these months, I'll get this work-life-parent-blogging balance worked out, I'm sure.]


  1. So let's see, upper middle and upper income people pay all of the taxes, and when they get some of that money back they are moochers?

    1. taxpayer: But they're not getting their money back - select groups of special interests are getting wads of moocher government cash.

      "Have an expensive health care plan? Have wads of government cash!"
      "Have a big, expensive house with a big, expensive mortgage? Have wads of government cash!"
      "Own lots of stock? Have wads of government cash!"

      So, yes, they are moochers, in that the government is spending huge amounts of money (via tax expenditures) on them as special interest groups - far more money than is spent on other groups, obviously.

      -The Angry Bureaucrat

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