Thursday, February 27, 2014

I'm Still Alive - Life Just Got in the Way of Blogging

Who [was] the boss? I was the boss!

Regular readers of this blog may have noticed that I disappeared for a few months (though I did continue to try to respond to readers' comments on past posts, especially my destination wedding blog post, which, rather hilariously, recently took the crown as this blog's most popular/hated blog post ever). I posted a few things through the government shutdown, but since then the blog has been conspicuously quiet. So what the hell happened?

Well, life happened.

Specifically, I was temporarily promoted to branch chief of my branch, which meant that my workload more than doubled overnight, and after very long days of crunching numbers and then coming home and trying to be a good dad to the Babycrat, I just didn't have anything left over mentally for blogging. I was glad to have the opportunity to be branch chief for 4 months - it was a great working and learning experience, and it gave me much more insight into all the work that my agency does - but, on the other hand, I wasn't thrilled to have 2-3x the amount of work to do for ~10% more pay. On top of that, I had to give up my telework and flex days while branch chief. All told, my wife and I aren't convinced that becoming branch chief permanently would be a good move for our family, from a total happiness perspective. Perhaps it would/will make sense for us some day, but for now, I'm glad the promotion was temporary, as I wouldn't be ready to commit to that permanently yet.

In addition to having few mental reserves left over for blogging during the past few months, I'm also sort of running out of things that I want to blog about. I'd say that the past ... 400 posts or so offer a relatively comprehensive and cohesive view of what I think the world should look like. Most professional political/economic bloggers are paid to offer continuous commentary on the events of the day - but I'm not a professional blogger, and I don't have the time, energy, or desire to constantly comment on whatever idiocy is going on in the news - Congressional Republicans are still stupid (though John Boehner is perhaps less stupid than he used to be, as he didn't threaten to take the US to the brink of default with some debt ceiling standoff this month); Congressional Democrats are less stupid but leave a lot to be desired; the rich are getting richer; the poor are getting poorer; etc. etc.

The most interesting thing that has happened in the past few months are the protests in Kiev that recently turned violent. I've been watching that with some interest, as I lived in Ukraine for a year, though I don't really have much to say on the matter - Ukraine just has to decide if it's going to be the next Poland or the next Belarus.

So, that's what's been happening the past few months, and that's why there's been such radio silence from my end.

I have a few more "regular" kind of posts to put up sometime in the next couple of weeks, and I also have a rather big announcement that I hope to be able to make relatively soon as well. So, stay tuned - I promise it will be worth it ;)

-The Angry Bureaucrat