Sunday, May 4, 2014

One Very Good Reason to Move to Chattanooga - 1Gbps Internet To My House

So, we are safely ensconced in our new house in Chattanooga - it's all over except for the unpacking. Posting will probably continue to be sparse while we finish the unpacking and settling in, and then I hope to get back into a more regular blogging rhythm.

But, I wanted to share a quick thought with you. Aside from being closer to family (which was the primary reason we moved to Chattanooga), here is another very good reason to move to Chattanooga - these are the internet speeds TO MY HOUSE:

That's just shy of 100x faster than the Comcast connection I had in DC (download speed only; the upload speed is about 300x faster). Granted, FiOS had just launched in our DC neighborhood 2 months prior to us moving out, which would have been a big improvement over Comcast - with FiOS, I could have gotten 500Mbps down / 100Mbps up ... for $305/month. Here, I get 1Gbps down / 1Gbps up for $70/month.