Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Personal Update - Life Is Too Good to Be Blogging

You just keep on spinning, world - I'mma be riding the carousel at the Zoo.

Well, that was certainly unexpected - my last post to this blog went up about 10 months ago, and then I rather disappeared from the Internet.


I hadn't really planned on taking an extended blogging break, but that's obviously what's ended up happening. I don't really plan on starting to blog regularly again soon, but I wanted to take a minute to let everyone know that I am indeed not dead.

As you probably don't remember at this point, I moved from DC to Chattanooga, TN about 10 months ago, for two primary reasons:
  1. To be closer to family, since all of the Babycrat's grandparents live in TN and will NEVER, EVER, EVER move, and
  2. To have ridiculously fast internet.
(We were also sick of all of the compromises that DC was demanding of our family, but you can read about that in the separate post linked above.)

Granted, the first reason was the primary one for leaving DC and moving to TN, but the second reason was much of the motivation for settling in Chattanooga as opposed to Nashville, Knoxville, etc.

In spite of my wife's and my carefully cultivated self-image of excessively urbane, cultured people utterly discontent with life outside of a megalopolis, it has become embarrassingly obvious that the move was an extremely good one for our family, for any huge host of reasons:

The Babycrat gets to see her grandparents MUCH more often, which is good for her and for them.

Everything is cheaper. And TN has no state income tax (which is bad for the State and most people in it, but good for us personally).

We just DO much more stuff together than we used to do in DC. The Babycrat and I go to the Zoo or the Aquarium once a week or so, and we have a marvelous time together - we never would have done that so often in DC, given the sheer effort that it takes in DC to do anything with a child.

We also go wander our little downtown and/or go to the park at least once a week (usually more often), and the Babycrat loves going to Happy Hour with me (she has fries while I have a beer). Can you imaging taking a toddler to Happy Hour in DC? Ha, yeah, right. But here, the Babycrat and I are celebrities at our local bar.

We take the time to go out to eat more often - I do miss the world-class restaurants in DC, but due to the expense and kid-hostile atmosphere in those DC restaurants, we almost never went out to eat in DC anyway.

We are renting a house - a whole house, just for our little family, with a porch and a yard and trees and everything. And we're talking seriously about buying a house in an excellent school district, and it's not going to cost us everything we have and everything we can borrow and steal from family members.

No traffic jams practically ever (except for a few miles of I-24 during afternoon rush hour, but that is very easily avoided).

Cheap professional baseball - we went to several Chattanooga Lookouts games last summer for a whopping $5 per adult. I plan on going to MANY games this summer with the Babycrat. I lived across the street from Nationals Stadium in DC, but I only occasionally went to games, due to the expense.

Although we live in downtown Chattanooga, utter wilderness is only a 5 minute drive from our house - and when we go there, there aren't very many other people there with us.

I also get to see my brother in Atlanta more other than just at Christmas and our annual fishing trip, so that's an added bonus.

Have I mentioned the crazy fast Internet? It's great for (my now 100% remote) work, but also for tons of other things - everything online is absolutely instantaneous.

So ... life has just been too good to be spending time blogging about what's wrong with the world - there are a lot of people who are paid to do that, so there's no need for me to do so in my spare time. Over the past 400 or so posts, I've laid out a pretty comprehensive view of what I think the world should look like, so I'm not sure there's much to add on that front. The Republican Party continues to do all kinds of dumb things that make the rich richer in the short-term but harm everyone else (and the country, environment, future generations, etc.) in the short- and long-term - but again, there are plenty of other people documenting that.

What's left for me as a blogger then? I'm not sure - I'll definitely keep the blog up, continue to respond to comments, and post new things as the mood strikes, but I probably won't be blogging again regularly for a while - there's just too much in life to enjoy right now.

In the next couple of weeks, I'll be updating my 2014 post on the best cell phone plan deals for 2015, but other than that kind of stuff, I'm not sure what to write about. Any suggestions? I'm also happy to have guest writers (or even have someone else take over more frequent posting, if there's someone out there who's interested in such things). If that's you, you can shoot me an email at the address to the upper right.

So, I'll catch you in a couple of weeks, if not before.

-The Angry Bureaucrat